Hyacinth by Steve Kalinda Limited Edition Print
Hyacinth by Steve Kalinda Limited Edition Print

Hyacinth by Steve Kalinda Limited Edition Print

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Hyacinth, Art by STEVE KALINDA printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Pearl. 

Limited Edition Prints:

25.0 inches x 25.0 inches (5x) -- please check availability. 

Originally from Rwanda, Steve studied Film & Philosophy in Uni. His work lead him to studying Rwanda’s 1994 Genocide. “I wanted to understand why and how 1 Million people could be killed in 100 Days. After I read books and watched documentaries about it, I became obsessed with the images and the tragic stories. I remember whenever I saw a skull i would completely associate it to the genocide, but i was not in Rwanda in 1994, i only went there in 1998. But this feeling of horror and death, made me think of the victims and what they must have gone through. I decided to master Photoshop, in order to allow me to create images with skulls that were bold and beautiful. It is my hope that if a victim of the genocide in Rwanda were to see it, it can help dissociating the memories and images they have of skulls from the genocide, show them something different.” 
Steve Kalinda, London 2018. 

Every one of our limited edition prints comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), a document that certifies that the artwork is a genuine and authentic limited edition fine art print produced directly from the artist's original. The certificate and the accompanying print are authenticated by the uniquely numbered holograms found on both items.

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