Metamorphica, cool animal and human hybrids by Paul Kingsley Squire

Paul’s images are so cool! Don’t you love those animal headed hybrids?

London based artist Paul Kingsley Squire is a gifted British painter and draftsman whose works have been exhibited across the UK. He harnesses central themes of metamorphosis and transformation to create a range of different works.

When we noticed his work we knew we had to offer high-quality Prints with his contemporary Art on them. Fine Art Planet is proud to sell Limited Edition Prints, printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Photo Rag.

Across each medium, Squire's artistic signature retains a consistent ethereal quality and boasts polish and thoughtfulness that allows ideas of psychology, nature and consciousness to be pondered by each viewer.

We decided to offer high-quality Fine Art Prints from the collection "Metamorphica, & The Danse Macabre" created with a digital pen & tablet.
So how does Paul create his fascinating artworks? A framework is digitally drawn in exquisite detail and then meticulously colored, to create the finished artwork.

The subjects are human bodies with animal heads as in totemic-power animal hybrid affirmations, or new symbolic references to a world gone mad, and in very much need of rethinking its cultural archetypes. This series of works draws inspiration from mythology, symbolism, pop culture and contemporary fashion.

With theatrical cone light as background, the subjects are even more enhanced, as ‘on the spot’. They appear either as heroic or decadent, as a criticism of the establishment or poised to save humanity. It’s up to the viewer to make a personal conclusion.

Every one of our limited edition prints comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), a document that certifies that the artwork is a genuine and authentic limited edition fine art print produced directly from the artist's original. The certificate and the accompanying print are authenticated by the uniquely numbered holograms found on both items.

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