Deers and Nature - Stag Art by Max Ellis

Do you love deer and nature pictures? Look no further, you may have found the master Stag Art creator (that’s what we call Max Ellis here on Fine Art Planet)!


Max has been trained as an engineer before attending art college in Brighton, studying Photography.

He spent the past 20 years as a professional illustrator and photographer, working with the top agencies and publishing houses throughout the world and heading up many internationally famous campaigns. Sony, Lloyds, Camel, Hugo Boss, BBC and Times Magazine are only a few of the many high-end clients Max was and is working for.

Max is constantly moving between photo-illustration and pure photography, always developing new concepts and techniques. We know for sure that no animals have been harmed while creating his amazing artworks but we would not put our hands in fire and claim that no pixels have been creatively altered in some of his works:


His deer photos and pictures are nothing but amazing and we are happy to sell them here on Fine Art Planet (as high-quality Prints, printed on C-type Matt). The Fuji Crystal archive paper has a semi-matte finish. The paper is coated with a slightly stippled texture giving a very natural photographic finish with subtle color. It maintains colors in a very natural way, giving a detailed, 3-dimensional beautiful photographic reproduction.

Max Ellis lives in Teddington, UK, with his wife Katherine (an international dance diva) and many children. Welcome to Fine Art Planet, Max!

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