Black and white long exposure Architecture Photography by Tony Sellen

architecture black and white

Tony Sellen is a self-taught, award-winning artist, being the British winner of the 2017 EISA Maestro competition (and second overall).

He is passionate about fine art, long exposure photography and, based in London, the city is where Tony finds inspiration.


Most of Tony’s images are black and white long time exposure photos.


For him, black and white photography is timeless and will never go out of fashion. He believes that architecture really suits black and white processing -- and, looking at his amazing work, we fully agree!

Long-exposure photography allows Tony to be creative by making every scene his own. Smoothing out water or turning fluffy clouds into sleek streaks across the sky, we would not be able to see pictures like this without skilled photographers like Tony mastering the long-exposure process.

As usual, Fine Art Planet provides the best possible print quality. Tony and our printing partner decided to print his images on Giclée Hahnemühle Photo Rag.

The super matt finish of Hahnemüle Photorag makes it one of our most popular papers. It provides muted blacks and excellent detail. The surface has a minimal texture with a chalky smooth cotton feel which creates smooth color gradients.

A really great paper choice, you will love the results!

Fine Art Planet is proud to offer Limited Edition Prints of Tony’s artworks. Every one of our limited edition prints comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), a document that certifies that the artwork is a genuine and authentic limited edition fine art print produced directly from the artist's original.


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